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Perspectives of a PwP

Jennifer Parkinson, California, USA


Jennifer is Co-Founder and President of Neuroboxing

January 2019

Some moments are seared into our memories. Weddings, having children and other special occasions have a way of staying in our memory as if they happened yesterday...

Dan Glass, Pennsylvania, USA


Dan is a blogger for The Other Shoe Has Already Fallen

January 2019

If I look at my life for who I am and what I stand for, I should say that I have always been heading to this place and point in time. There are no coincidences. Everything I have experienced is meant to be. It has all been training to be the man I am now...

Mike Justak, Minnesota, USA


Mike Justak, Founder, President of the Mike Justak Foundation, Inc.

October 2018

Mike Justak used 60,000 lights in his holiday display last year – one for every American diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2017. For the past eight years, the 60-year-old has been raising awareness about the progressive, incurable movement disorder by lighting up his neighborhood with an elaborate, multi-house, holiday light show he called PD Shimmers...

Madonna Brady, Australia


Madonna Brady is the President of Parkinson’s Fighters Unite, Inc. and DJ for RadioParkies.

October 2018

My name is Madonna Brady and I’m 52 years old, living in Brisbane Australia with my husband Matt, and our daughters Beth, Lily and Tara. I like traveling, and I have rediscovered the joy of sewing, especially making quilts...

Heidi Reynolds, England


Heidi Reynolds, Founder, President of Start Living Today PD and PebbleTastic Sea Glass 

October 2018

Art and me, me and art... however you put those together, read every school report. Just ask my family— especially my mum who had to try and guess the delights of my  creation at school. I actually once won a competition at school for my art. I came home in floods of tears...

Ann Beaird, Alabama, USA


Ann Beaird, President of Dragon Valley Artworks, has lived with YOPD for 5 years; only one of those with a diagnosis. 

July 2018

For many of us, our jobs and careers can form a great deal of our identities.  In addition to simply providing us with money to live on, our jobs give us a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and often times boost our self-esteem...

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Dave Morse, Australia


April 2018

Let me introduce myself, My name is David Morse, I am 62 years old, I live in Perth, Western Australia, along the banks of the Swan River in an area called Bicton with my beautiful wife Fran, and our lovely labrador Daisy. We have two grown up sons who are both in the marine industry, running their own businesses involving skippering and vessel management. I have been a boat builder shipwright for 40 years plus and have been involved with many exciting projects around the world...

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Frances Evans, British Columbia


April 2018

It is in the most mundane routine, we find comfort. Simple moments with familiar objects, movement, and gesture. The favorite spoon to stir your morning coffee, the paper-thin, worn pyjamas we reach for... 

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